'Choose Sustainable Palm Oil'

You may have heard about the banned Iceland Christmas advert that has had millions of views on social media. This has highlighted the need for consumers to choose products made with sustainable palm oil when shopping.

On Saturday 8th December our 'Choose Sustainable Palm Oil' Campaign went live at Saffron Walden town Market. 

Locals voted in their hundreds for supermarkets to make it easier for shoppers to choose certified sustainable palm oil. We received 281 signatures and were completely overwhelmed by the positive response to our first campaign in the town square. 

The petition is still open so please add your signature 

The Mayor came down to show his support along with Jim Brewin, Branch manager and partner at our local Waitrose. 


Aldi got in touch before the 8th to let us know they are working on this issue and will let us know how they get on. Tesco did not wish to take part.

Our objectives:

1.   To explain why choosing products containing sustainable palm oil helps conserve wildlife and reduce CO2 emissions, and provide information on individual products.


2.   To invite local supermarkets to come and tell us what they are doing to help consumers choose products containing sustainable palm oil.


3.   To petition supermarkets and their suppliers to make it easier for customers to avoid unsustainable palm oil through better packaging information as well as allowing online shoppers a button to easily filter such products out. To 'Tick Off Dirty Palm Oil'.

Our next steps will be to collate all the signatures and send them off to each of the big supermarkets and to keep sharing the 'Tick Off Dirty Palm Oil' idea on social media. Please share this idea along with the petition if you can.

The button below links to information from the 'Act For Wildlife' website

'Tick Off Dirty Palm Oil'

We are calling on supermarkets to make it much, much easier for customers to avoid products which contain palm oil linked to tropical deforestation. Above all, we are asking for one simple action – for supermarkets to give customers the option to filter out such products when they do an online shop, by ticking a box in their account settings like this one:

   Please don’t show me any products containing non-sustainable palm oil

You can can show your support for this idea by signing the petition above.

We are contacting NGO's (Greenpeace, WWF etc..) to ask them to support the campaign. Helen Jackson, one of our members who is an Environmental Economist has written an article on the subject, and has posted on her blog.

Read more about the 'Tick Off Dirty Palm Oil' idea.


More info on this campaign to follow...

Further information

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